The town of el Toboso should good part of his fame to the Cervantine work. Everything in El Toboso is reminiscent of Alonso Quijano's there was the young woman Aldonza Lorenzo, who Don Quixote, came to call "Dulcinea of el Toboso". Few places in its surroundings can rival El Toboso in beauty, it houses between streets and squares monuments of historical, artistic, cultural interest, as well as numerous corners full of charm, the small La Mancha villas, with its traditional masonry rammed earth buildings, and the glistening bleached of its walls. The traveller that comes close to El Toboso in the footsteps of the universal partner, Don Quixote and Sancho, should do so as it is narrated in the 9th chapter of the second part of Don Quixote: delve into the town in search of the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso and having gone two hundred steps give with a large Tower, and then know that such a building is not the Alcazar but the main church of the village and exclaim "with the Church we have given!". "" If you listen carefully you will hear his words, resonating through the alleys and corners of the village of El Toboso... "calm silence".

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